Instructional Media Production

What is Instructional Media Production?

Presenting content for special courses, high-fee degree programs, notable faculty presentations, and more, often requires a sophisticated concept of media production. Developing this type of instructional media is the result of a professional consultation process in collegial collaboration with faculty, instructional designers, and the media production team.

Instructional media production can also be closely aligned with course outcomes and assessments, such as when interactive text are required to provide overlays for in-video assessments. 

Because this type of production requires a tailored product, OTL is well suited to support faculty in achieving their desired results. In coordination with the instructional designers, the OTL production team utilizes our Slichter Hall production studio to help faculty record, edit, and produce content ranging from short introductory material to full lecture content.

The production team can also consult with faculty looking to self-produce content.  This can include recommendations on equipment and setups as well as best practices and techniques for obtaining desired results.

To speak with us about instructional media production, please reach out to us at or submit the form using the button below. Both the email and the form are sent to the same location, so use either method and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Help With Media Production

Our production team is available to assist faculty, staff, and students with their audio and video recording needs. Whether consulting with faculty regarding a home studio setup, training students for multimedia assignments, or recording content in our on-campus studio, our professional staff aim to bring you the highest quality support. With backgrounds in TV, film, commercials, and animation, we pride ourselves in keeping up-to-date with new innovations and technology.

We offer:

  • Consultation – We assist faculty who want to set up a more professional recording space at home, are looking to flip lectures from live sessions to pre-recorded videos (using Zoom, for example), or who just want to learn more.
  • Training – We offer audio/video recording training for faculty and staff on an individual basis, and for students on a group basis. During training we cover proper use of audio, video, and lighting equipment, and provide useful tips and tricks for recording and presenting. For students, we’ve partnered with Res Life’s Studio 22, a student-facing production program, to share our wealth of knowledge.
  • Recording and Editing – The OTL production studio in Slichter Hall has been outfitted with top-of-the-line equipment to provide a robust and varied experience for recording. We provide a Learning Glass (used to easily record your presentation of charts, graphs, & more), an iPad Pro for drawing and animation, and facilitate using your own laptop in both seated and standing setups for digital presentations using PowerPoint and Keynote. For those who record in our studio, we also provide professional editing to add titles and credits, remove mistakes, and clean-up presentations as-needed.

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