Self-Supporting Graduate Degree Programs

What are Self-Supporting Graduate Degree Programs?

Self-supporting programs allow the University to serve additional students above and beyond the resources provided by the state while fulfilling demonstrated higher education and workforce needs. Currently, there are populations of working adults not served by UC state-supported programs who would be willing to enroll in self-supporting graduate degree programs. This policy is designed to facilitate the establishment of self-supporting programs by the University and its campuses while ensuring that these programs do not use state resources. These programs will receive no state-support; however, they have the potential to generate resources that would enhance the quality, access, and affordability of core academic programs and departments. For example, they could provide additional support for graduate students and students in state supported programs. (This information is from Academic Planning and Budgeting.)

The Self-Supporting Graduate Professional Degree Program (SSGPDP) Ad Hoc Advisory Committee of the Graduate Council supports innovation and creative approaches to graduate education.  The committee is available to advise and help proponents in designing programs, especially those that are non-traditional, and assist in strengthening proposals towards a smooth review process with subsequent councils and committees. The committee looks forward to meeting with interested units and faculty.

OTL staff consult with departments to refine their self-supporting degree program aspirations. This includes identifying resources, scheduling, and other needs. Once defined, we’ll help you build your courses. To meet with our staff to discuss your department’s self-supporting degree programs, please reach out to us at or submit the form using the button below. Both the email and the form are sent to the same location, so use either method and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Help with SSGDP

Departments can work with OTL on developing a SSGDP. For example, there are a number of items in the SSGPDP application guidelines to be addressed in the proposal,  including:

  • Justification of the selected mode of delivery, including pedagogical rationale and learning outcomes 
  • Equipment, technology, and support plan
  • Student engagement plan
  • Budget and financial considerations

OTL staff will help develop templates to provide consistency across all courses in the program. For delivering the program, the Bruin Learn platform can be used. In addition to the online course development planning and process, OTL staff will offer workshops on using Bruin Learn in both asynchronous and synchronous formats.

Resources for Faculty