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Instructional Design

OTL’s instructional design team provides campus faculty and academic leaders with the experience, knowledge, and support to incorporate educational technologies into courses. This can take the form of individual consultations, public workshops, and other sessions in promoting and advising on the use of existing, experimental, and new technologies.

Instructional Media Production

In coordination with the designers, the production team utilizes the OTL production studio in Slichter Hall to help faculty record, edit, and produce content ranging from short introductory material to full lecture content.  For faculty looking to self-produce content, the production team can also provide consultative support.

Self-Supporting Degree Programs

OTL staff consult with departments to refine their Self-Supporting Graduate Degree Program (SSGDP) aspirations. This includes project management, planning, identifying resources, scheduling, and other needs. Once your needs have been defined, we’ll help you build your courses.

Workshops and Events

Online Teaching and Learning hosts workshops in various quarters. These workshops provide departments with training for faculty and teaching associates in online instruction and design, while creating an online course that the department will offer a minimum of five times over an interval of academic years.  Details on each workshop are usually made available 3-6 months in advance of the quarter in which the workshop is offered.