OTL Videos

Primarily created for instructors and others preparing to teach remotely or designing online courses, these videos — ranging from pedagogical concept to specific tools or themes — OTL Instructional Designers share their recordings of topical sessions with UCLA faculty and instructors.

Kim DeBacco: UCLA instructor panelists explain what they wanted to accomplish in their remote course, how they used various tools and techniques to do so, and then reflect on how those strategies met their expectations (00:22:51).

Sirui Wang and Sandra Rogers: Best practices in online learning assessment, including how to manage assignment submission and grading, presentations and group work, online quizzes, and remote exams (00:51:43).

Sandra Rogers: How to run live sessions and events with your students, including office hours, synchronous group work, presentations, and interviews (00:36:005).

In collaboration with UCLA Excellence in Pedagogy and Innovative Classrooms (EPIC), Agustin Rios and Sirui Wang present, “Designing Your Bruin Learn Course Site,” a Design Tools training session.