iClicker & iClicker Cloud – Students’ Response System and Polling Tool

The iClicker student response system allows students to participate in polls and answer questions during class. There are two varieties: the original hardware-based device, and iClicker Cloud, a phone app that offers more advanced polling and quizzing options, and online grading. iClicker can be used for remote, face-to-face and hybrid presentations.

This showcase consisted of a vendor training presentation followed by UCLA CIELS staff who shared their teacher’s guide.


Macmillan’s training covered:

  • A quick iClicker overview and deeper dive into the iClicker Cloud instructor options.
  • Different response options faculty can pick for their students
  • iClicker student pricing.
  • How instructors use iClicker Cloud before, during, and after class.
    • A mock class session demonstrating activities (polling, quizzing, and attendance) from both the instructor and student perspectives.
  • Assignments for asynchronous learning.
  • Support options for instructors and students.

CEILS shared its teaching guide and resources for using iClicker to foster interactive classrooms.

The iClicker & iClicker Cloud showcase session was presented by Jennie Riberra and Mellissa O’Brien (Macmillan), and Shanna Shaked from UCLA CEILS.


Presented: Thursday, October 6, 2022

Selected Q&A from the Showcase

What is the difference between the iClicker Cloud from the download page and the one in Bruin Learn iClicker LTI? The iClicker LTI in Bruin Learn eases registering iClicker student remotes.
Is there a cost associated with iClicker for students, instructors, or departments? UCLA does not currently have a site license for iClicker, so students buy either the iClicker remote or purchase an iClicker App subscription.

There is no cost for instructors or departments.

Do faculty have to create their class every quarter? Will the course information populate automatically if they choose to use iClicker?Yes, faculty have to create the course every quarter.
Is there is an issue for a class that mixes hardware devices and the cloud app, i.e., that some students can respond to all types of questions, but others cannot?With the cloud app, students are able to participate in all questions types. With the hardware devices, they can answer multiple choice, true and false, and short answers. Students will not be able to answer multiple answer or target question types.
Should faculty avoid using multiple answer question types since remotes won’t be able to answer multiple choice and target prompts?Unless faculty prefer remotes or have a hybrid class containing the cloud app and hardware remotes, the recommendation is to avoid using multiple answer and target questions.
You mentioned answering multiple choice questions specifically in synchronous classes. Can the iClicker cloud app be used in asynchronous classes?Yes. Students can go into their cloud account and work on assignments at their own pace. Faculty control both the date students are allowed to start the assignment and the end date and time.

This Google Doc contains the comments, questions and answers collected during the showcase.