Preparing an online course can sometimes require support from campus resources. Online Teaching and Learning provides instructional design support to faculty developing an online course which can also include support from our production and editing studio. Both resources are available to campus at no additional cost and based on availability. Faculty can request an initial consultation by calling the main office at 310-206-3123 or by email at

In addition to the regular resources provided by Online Teaching and Learning, there are various programs that are available to faculty and departments that may provide development funding or additional resources:

The University of California’s Innovative Learning Technology Initiative (ILTI) has funded many of our campus’ online courses. Information on ILTI is available here. These courses must offer cross-campus enrollment to students at the other UC campuses at least five times in five years.

Online Teaching and Learning hosts workshops in various quarters. These workshops provide departments with training for faculty and teaching associates in online instruction and design while creating an online course that the department will offer a minimum of five times over an interval of academic years. Details on each workshop are usually made available 3-6 months in advance of the quarter in which the workshop is offered.