AI Resources for Learning Design

Sample syllabi + syllabus formats and sections

Syllabus Statements on the Use of AI in Courses

AI for Assignment & Learning Design

  • Stanford University. Curricular Resources About AI for Teaching (CRAFT)
  • Trust, T. (2023). Chat GPT & Education, UMass (Amherst); including:
    • What ChatGPT Can Do, pp. 18-39;
    • What Chat GPT Can’t Do (Yet), pp. 40-42.
  • UNESCO. (2023). Chat GPT and AI in Higher Education: Quick Start Guide. See the table on page 9.
  • Watkins, R. Update Your Course Syllabus for ChatGPT – GWU
  • Young J. (2023). Why I’m Excited About ChatGPT: Here are 10 ways ChatGPT will be a boon to first-year writing instruction, Jennie Young writes.
  • Kim DeBacco’s (untested) assignment idea:
    • Ask your students to input into ChatGPT the assignment prompt (eg. compare and contrast 2 films on the same topic).
    • They must then analyze what Chat GPT generates first time round: what it got right, wrong, what’s missing, what’s not emphasized that should have been, and perhaps more, depending on the original prompt and your imagination – or indeed the conceptual demands of the course!
    • Ask the students to submit the initial AI-generated raw version to you, along with their critical analysis of the AI-generated piece in light of the other course-related material (eg. films or readings) you were asking them to compare & contrast, or analyze.

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