USCOT 2023 Presentation

Presentation Title: Discussing the role of the instructor and the instructional designer in a fully asynchronous statistics course. Presenters: Prof. Juana Sanchez & Sirui Wang  Abstract:  Slides: The Role of the Instructional Designer and the Instructor in a Fully Asynchronous Introduction to Probability Course Discussion in Padlet:

Assignments, Quizzes, and Grading in Bruin Learn

Create and grade assignments and quizzes, explore the Gradebook, and learn how to provide student extensions and accommodations. Improve your teaching skills and simplify your life in Bruin Learn – join us now! Presenter: Kate Schaller Sponsored by: Teaching and Learning Center

Leveraging Bruin Learn for Your In-Person Course

Do you teach in-person and aren't sure what to do with your Bruin Learn site? This presentation will cover the what, why, and how of adding a companion Bruin Learn site to your course. We will discuss what your companion site is, why you would use one, and how to construct a simple, accessible, and […]

Course Setup Checklist

The "Bruin Learn Course Checklist" session will provide you with a guide to follow before you open your course. The comprehensive guide will move through a systematic checklist to guarantee your Bruin Learn site is fully prepared and accessible prior to the start of term. Participants will learn best practices for link checking, date confirmation, […]

Create Engaging and Interactive Reading Assignments Using Social Annotation Tools

The session will cover what social annotation is and why it’s important. Facilitators will share a comparison of social annotation tools, including Hypothesis, Leganto and Perusall, and provide examples about how to use them to create interactive reading assignments that promote student engagement and collaboration. Presenters: Sirui Wang, Mohsin Ali, Greg Steinke Sponsored by: UCLA Teaching and Learning Center, UCLA […]

Providing Personalized Feedback Using Video and Audio

Explore personalized feedback for your students using video and audio. Increase your social presence in your Bruin Learn online/hybrid course. Discover ways to quickly and easily use media to provide personalized feedback to your students. Use media tools in the SpeedGrader, Discussions and Assignments. Presenters: Andrey Nikolayev, Agustin Rios, Alan Roper Sponsored by: Bruin Learn Center of Excellence, UCLA Teaching […]

Making the Most of Group Work with Google Suite

Group work has the potential to encourage deep and critical thinking through peer learning. When we provide structure to group work, we give students space to focus on positive interdependence and individual accountability. More importantly, structure reduces the cognitive resources students need to navigate the procedural elements of group work and instead focus their cognitive […]

The Why & How of Group Work Using Bruin Learn

Collaborative learning offers a host of benefits, and we'll explore how it can enrich your teaching and students' learning experiences. Explore the benefits of group activities, consider ways of setting up and organizing groups, learn effective strategies for implementing group work in Bruin Learn, and gain insights into fostering student engagement and teamwork in in-person […]

Customize the Design of Your Bruin Learn Course Sites

This interactive session introduces DesignPLUS (formerly known as Design Tools), a collection of tools designed to assist in rapid site creation and customizing course content in Bruin Learn. The facilitators will demonstrate the essential components of the design tools through examples, and will showcase the new sidebar that will be released in the coming academic […]

Developing Student Video Assignments

Discover innovative approaches to using Bruin Learn for student video assignments. This session discusses alternatives to written assignments that allow students to become digital storytellers through their own video projects. The session includes an overview and examples of how to set up a student video project or assignment, resources for student digital storytelling and simple […]