Adding Chapters to Bruin Learn/Kaltura Video Files

UCLA has integrated a sophisticated media delivery platform, Kaltura, to host videos in Bruin Learn. Within Bruin Learn, you’ll find two interfaces to access media stored in Kaltura:

  • My Media presents the media a user has uploaded and/or has permission to edit
  • Media Gallery presents videos selected for a particular Bruin Learn class

Conceptually, adding chapters to a video is similar to chapters found in a book. The author identifies and inserts chapter markers in their desired locations within a video, and students and other users access the specific part of the video using a special menu — somewhat akin to a book’s Table of Contents.

The general steps are:

  • Locate the video in which to insert chapters
  • Review the video and identify where chapter breaks should occur
  • Open the timeline tool to add and save each chapter marker

The finished chapters are accessed via a drop-down menu in the upper left corner of the video display window.

Befitting our complex, media-rich world, there are multiple ways to access media within Bruin Learn. This guide focuses specifically on video in Kaltura’s My Media/Media Gallery functions, and does not apply to media accessed in Bruin Learn’s Media Reserves, YouTube, or other apps.

Video Window
Preview of video showing chapter menu, list, and search bar

Steps to Add Chapter Markers

  1. Within Bruin Learn, identify the MyMedia or Media Gallery buttons.
  2. For the video you want to add chapters to, click on the video image and launch Kaltura’s media environment.

My Media in Bruin Learn

  1. Choose “Edit” from the Action menu beneath and the right of the main video window.

Action menu and edit command

  1. Select the “Timeline” tab to display the Chapter Information fields and buttons.

Enter chapter information

  1. Use the widgets in the video window to control video playback.
  2. At the desired location, click the “Create a new chapter” icon (found to the left of the Timeline).

Create a new chapter marker

  1. Enter the Chapter Information fields as desired.
  2. Important: Save each chapter marker as it is created.

save or Delete buttons

  1. To modify an existing chapter, select the blue bookmark icon in the Timeline and modify the Chapter Information fields.
  2. To delete an existing chapter, click the blue bookmark icon in the Timeline and click the “Delete” button the right.

Tip: The default Kaltura video player contains a transcript window. This machine-based, automatically generated transcript may contain errors, but it can be helpful to identify specific places in the video. For example, if a video is on creating a chocolate cake, a search in the transcript for the word “icing” could help you quickly identify and jump to that portion of the video.

More information can be found on the Kaltura website.